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This example scenario builds a real-time data ingestion and processing pipeline to ingest and process messages from IoT devices (in general sensors) into a big data analytic platform in Azure. Vehicle telematics ingestion and processing platforms are the key to create connected car solutions. This specific scenario is motivated by the car telematics ingestion and processing systems. However, the design patterns are relevant for many industries using sensors to manage and monitor complex systems in industries such as smart buildings, communications, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.
Azure Maps (AzMaps) is a portfolio of geospatial services. The current geospatial services include Maps, Search, Routing, Traffic, and Time Zones. These services allow a developer to use familiar tools to integrate location information into their Azure solutions. Azure Maps provides both web and mobile developers powerful geospatial capabilities supported by fresh mapping data.
Azure Maps integrates with Azure Event Grid so that you can send event notifications to other services and trigger downstream processes. The purpose of this article is to help you configure your business applications to listen for Azure Maps events so that you can react to critical events in a reliable, scalable, and secure manner. For example, build an application that performs multiple actions like updating a database, creating a ticket, and delivering an email notification every time a device enters a geofence.
When embarking on an analytics project, a lake is unlikely to be the first thing that comes to mind. The “lake” in this context is a cloud-based repository of data containing both raw and curated data, used in the process of building an analytics platform.

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