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3 Words that are linked together: Kubernetes, Iot, Edge. CNCF has started a dedicated work group with the aim to extend...
Last December, we released Trill, an open source .NET library designed to process one trillion events a day. Trill provides a temporal query language enabling you to embed real-time analytics in your own application. In this blog post, we spend some time introducing how to get started using Trill.
Service Fabric is an open source distributed system platform for packaging, deploying, and managing stateless and stateful distributed applications and containers at large scale. Service Fabric has support for stateful services. However, your existing architecture can depend on running zookeeper and/or Kafka. Here i introduce you how easy it is to run Kafka in Service Fabric cluster in 3 steps.
In this video we introduce a Micro Services platform from Microsoft called Service Fabric. Service Fabric is a great way to build very scalable and highly available applications and even migrate some of your existing application without too much effort. We go over the basics of what Service Fabric is and then dive into a quick tutorial of how to setup your own local multi node Service Fabric cluster. We end the video by showing a quick way to create a new Visual Studio application using the Service Fabric project template and end the video by mentioning the Service Fabric Local Cluster Manager.

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