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In IIOT its very important to find the efficiency, resiliency, and scalability in retrieve real time information from data. The...
The combination of Azure Functions <⚡> and the extension Durable Functions enables long running workflows and the implementation of multiple patterns that I wrote about in a previous blog post. Although it is possible to associate metadata with workflows, referred to as orchestrations, it is limited in scope and usually used for identification. Tracking more complex data and state still required interaction with a back-end data store or database. With Durable Functions v2, this changes and now data related to state can be encapsulated in Durable Entities.
Most modern-day businesses employ analytics pipelines for real-time and batch processing. A common characteristic of these pipelines is that data arrives at irregular intervals from diverse sources. This adds complexity in terms of having to orchestrate the pipeline such that data gets processed in a timely fashion.

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